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Red Baron:
Mobile Tour

ASK: Gain brand recognition and consumer trial in the Chicago market. 

INSIGHT: Based on market research, Red Baron's key differentiator from their competition is their superior taste. If people try it, they buy it.

IDEA: A mobile tour throughout summer in Chicago set out to get consumers to fall in love with their pizza. To create a deeper family experience with the pizza, we had special games to extend consumer engagement with the brand. 



• Lead creative

• Experience design

• Sketch and design custom builds

• Work with builders to execute vision

• Floorplan and guest experience

• Graphic design

• Talking points

• Shotlist and video direction

Client: Schwans
Agency: Periscope
Creative Director: Matt Miller
Designer/Creative lead: Danielle Zenk-Tills
Copywriter: Kristi Battarbee
Layout designer: Nikki Watson

Producer: Nicole Roberto
Account: Rob Wilcox
Project Management: Sarah Wolff

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