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In-Store Event

ASK: Remind guests why they love Target and drive local buzz through surprise and delight experiences during the holiday season in low-affinity markets.

INSIGHT: Guests are stressed and excited leading up to the holidays and the tension between the two causes pain points. By creating moments of surprise and delight, Target can alleviate the pain points and ensure the holidays are more enjoyable, leaving guests thinking “Target helps me get it all done and makes it fun”.

IDEA: Target takes on the holidays with a gift-giving spree across the country. A cheerful mix of in-store and in-market surprise and delights (Bullseye photos and gift wrapping kits) scattered throughout the month of December grabs attention and, more importantly, made holiday shopping a little – or a lotta – bit brighter.



• Lead creative

• Event design
• Floor plan and guest experience
• Sourcing decor pieces

• Talent Selection

• Concept surprise look and experience

• Art direction

• Graphic design

• Talking points and attire for staff

• On-site setup 

Client: Target
Agency: Periscope
Creative Director: Matt Miller
Designer/Creative lead: Danielle Zenk-Tills

Producer: Emily Cacic
Account: Sarah Bohline
Project Management: Kristen Blekum

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