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Kitten Bowl; Super Bowl Activation

ASK: Bring the Kitten Bowl experience to Super Bowl Live for the first time in 2018.


Guests want to experience the Kitten Bowl. Challenges of location and space limitations, we needed to think creatively on how to bring an immersive experience.



The custom space featured a stadium, locker room and "purr-king" lot for kittens to play within, "Hisss-man" trophy and other touch points for consumers. Over 100,000 people attended the event throughout its 10-run; every kitten was adopted through North Shore Animal League. 

As seen in USA Today, Star Tribune, Event Marketer, and many other publications.


• Site visit

• Event design
• Floor plan and guest experience

• Experiences design

• Build oversight

• Video and audio direction

• Prop direction

• Graphic design

• Talking points for staff

Client: Hallmark Channel
Agency: Clamor Exp.
Creative Director: Danielle Zenk-Tills

Creative Team: Danielle Zenk-Tills, Todd Pinzuti, and Kaitlin Hughes

Producer: Lisa Ohlson


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