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Executive Meeting

We created the theme, look and feel, and concepted the experiences guest would participate in at the 4 day event. Work included entertainment ideas and production, unique one-of-a-kind mobile signage, graphics, gifts and installations.


• Lead creative

• Concept theme and look

• Establish style guide for all vendors

• Concept experience ideas at event

• Design and custom builds

• Art direction for designed pieces
• Talent selection (synchronized swimmers)

• Themed music playlists for each evening

• On-site execution

Client: Cox Communications
Agency: Periscope
Creative Director: Danielle Zenk-Tills
Lead Creative/Designer:: Danielle Zenk-Tills

Designer: Veronica Kraus & Briana Vanderlinde

Producer: Lisa Ohlson
Account: Sarah Bohline
Project Management: Sarah Wolff

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